Operations$9 This includes the admin and organisational tasks directly related to each order like order management, personalised customer updates and any other small jobs (that tend to add up).  Marketing, tax management and other more general tasks aren't included in this figure.

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Design$3 This is an estimation of the time spent developing and refining the design of this bag over the past ten years and is usually a hidden expense for a business. This is lower than the embedded cost of design in most fashion products as this has been spread over...

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Materials$42 This is the average cost of materials for a Zipper Shoulderbag, and equivalent to 38% of the total cost of making this bag. Includes the printed fabric, outer canvas, lining, zippers, webbing, custom aluminium buckles and thread.

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Production$35 This cost includes time for cutting, fusing the fabric, sewing and finishing the bags.  I've charged this at a standard rate you could expect to pay a skilled machinist of $24/hour (this includes a premium for superannuation etc). As each bag is actually sewn by myself (with twenty years...

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Delivery$16 As you would expect this is the average cost of posting an order within Australia and includes packaging; a recycled cardboard box, recycled tissue paper and printed collateral (postcards etc) as well as the direct postage paid to Australia Post. Because I don't charge extra for standard delivery these...

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Social Good

Tree Planting$6 For every bag I produce I now pay to have a tree planted. This is to more than offset the embedded carbon produced by the materials, production and postage (which I've designed to be as low as possible), so it can be considered to be a net carbon...

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