Info (& FAQ)

In early 2000, I was studying mechanical engineering and thought I might make myself a backpack to use on my Vespa.

In the bungalow of my parents’ house in Coburg East, I bought some canvas and some backpack fabric and ‘borrowed’ my mum’s old Elna sewing machine. The result was a little crooked-looking but after some modifications and improvements it looked okay. A friend thought she might like one too, so I made my second backpack out of an op-shop suit jacket. This happened a few more times – backpacks in different sizes and shapes and over-the-shoulder bags made for friends.

A few months later, someone suggested I approach the recently opened Alice Euphemia boutique craft and fashion shop. I made five or six bags on consignment, and they sold out in a few weeks. I was studying at the time and figured I could use another income stream and decided to go in on a stall at St Kilda Market with two friends who were making and selling jewellery. I started making bags with Japanese kimono fabric feature panels and selling them every Sunday.

In about a year, the business outgrew the bungalow and exhausted the Elna sewing machine, so I decided to start looking for some studio space. I got a third of a room in the Nicholas Building on Flinders Lane with some friends and bought a secondhand industrial sewing machine, and then a second one.

The phrase 'trial and error' pretty much sums up the first years of my bag making career, but I’d like to think I’ve improved and innovated over the last twenty three years to produce a durable, functional and good-looking product. Using custom-designed digital prints instead of old coats, and high-grade recycled polyester industrial cordura and coated canvas instead of whatever’s lying around, doesn’t hurt either.

Designer & Maker


Are the bags vegan?

Apart from very occasionally repurposing vintage woollen fabric all of my bags are completely vegan and contain no animal products.

Whilst not a vegan myself I firmly believe no animal should be harmed in making my products (one reason I don't make bags in leather), especially as there are so many fantastic materials available that are perfect for making a durable bag.

As I also think honesty in materials is important (not having things look like things they aren't) I also don't use faux leathers or vinyls, however if you do come across a material you think would make a great bag please let me know.

What is your approach to sustainability?

I approach every part of what I do in an environmentally mindful way and always looking for ways I can improve both my products and everyday business operations.

Designing and producing all of my products myself means I've a lot of flexibility to implement improvements quickly and also means I intimately understand every process and part of my business.

By intentionally keeping what I do on a small scale this also means I use a minimum of energy space and resources.

I think the these four areas are particularly important (and what I tend to focus on);

Leading by Example

  • As a small business one of the best ways I can have an impact is to show others what is possible.
  • By informing customers and other businesses I hopefully encourage the ecological impact of buying products to be a consideration.

Product Design

  • Using the most appropriate materials to produce high-quality, long-lasting products.
  • Sourcing materials from suppliers that manufacture locally, reducing the environmental impact of transport.
  • Designing products that can be easily repaired, further increasing their longevity.
  • Constantly investigating and integrating environmentally sensitive materials.

Daily Business Operation 

  • Minimising electricity and resource use with regard to lighting, heating and transport.
  • Minimising paper use and only using products that are 100% recycled (and unbleached and post-consumer wherever possible).


  • All packaging is recycled, biodegradable and recyclable.
  • Your order won’t be wrapped in unnecessary tissue paper or packed with foam pellets.
  • Where possible, we post orders in repurposed boxes and encourage our customers to recycle them on delivery.

Repair & Care

Can you replace a worn out zipper?

Even though I use the best YKK zippers available unfortunately after many years of daily use even the most sturdy zipper will wear out.

This is why I've constructed my bags to make the process or replacing zippers as easy as possible by finishing the ends of the zippers inside the lining, not using any topstitching and also using standard size zippers that are readily available.

If you can get your bag to the studio updating your zipper will be free of charge for the life of your bag.

If you happen to be located overseas and getting the bag back to me would be expensive I'm happy to send you the necessary parts (and instructions) so you can do the repair yourself, or outsource to a local clothing repairer.

Book your repair here →

Can I have the fabric panel replaced on my bag?

While I've designed and selected materials to be as durable as possible like most things in life sometimes after many years of use your bag can look a little worse for wear.

Traditionally product designers would use built in obsolescence to make this an opportunity to encourage customers to purchase a replacement.

In contrast I've designed the bags to be reasonably easy to repair (if you know what you're doing) so love updating and renovating your bag to greatly extend it's usefulness.

If you'd like to organise this for your bag (or any other updates or repairs), get in touch and we can get it organised.

Generally this will involve you getting the bag to the studio, selecting a new fabric and then letting me do my magic.

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What's all this about the Life Guarantee?

I'm very proud of the quality of the bags I produce and want you to enjoy using your bag 
as much as I enjoyed creating it.

General wear and tear experienced during the use of the bag is generally not covered.

In most cases, I will be able to help you out with any repairs necessary.

How do I clean my bag?

I suggest cleaning your bag the same way as you would a woollen garment; mild detergent and either a gentle cycle in a front loader or a hand wash (without scrubbing the printed panel too much).

If the printed fabric on your bag is a screenprinted design (which generally have a more textured and natural coloured basecloth, such as the Wrens design) you may need to be a little gentler (as the printed design can sometimes be damaged with excess scrubbing etc).

If you have a bag with a digitally printed panel (like the Flowers design) which has colour over the entire fabric and a smoother feel to the fabric, you can be a little more vigorous with your cleaning as this is a synthetic fabric and, as such, is more durable.

If you're unsure how to go about cleaning your bag, just get in contact and I will provide some further pointers.


How are the orders packaged?

As standard all orders are delivered wrapped in tissue paper inside a custom cardboard box - reasonably lowkey though looks very presentable.

I also don't use any plastic tape or wrapping so everything can be composted and/or recycled in your household collection.

If needed I can also wrap your order so there is no external branding etc (if you're ordering a bag to be delivered to the same address as the person receiving the bag lives).

Conversely I can also gift wrap your order so it is ready to be given as it arrives in the post - just get in touch to arrange.

Can I pay extra for quicker delivery?

Whilst I'm always happy to make the impossible happen, for most orders the part that takes the most time is the sewing rather than the postage.

With this in mind if you do need your bag quicker than would normally be expected I'll do my best to accomodate your request (though no promises if it needs to arrive in Paris by tomorrow morning).

How long until I get my bag?

Your order will be sewn and in the post within a week.

This means it should arrive within a day or two (depending where you are located in Australia).

Of course if you're overseas it will take longer, generally a week to ten days.

If you do need your bag for a gift or an impromptu overseas trip please get in touch when you place your order so I can be sure it arrives in a timely fashion.

One of the great advantages of doing everything myself is it's not too difficult to make the impossible happen if you ask nicely.

$10 delivery anywhere in the world?


To make my bags more accessible to customers overseas and in regional areas I'm charging a flat $10 fee for shipping anywhere in the world.

All orders will be sent by Australia Post and include tracking. Overseas orders will be sent by Australia Post Airmail (though not expedited), so if you'd like your bag quicker than a week or two you might need to pay a slight premium.

What delivery methods are available?

The default delivery methods for orders are:


All orders are sent by Australia Post Express unless otherwise arranged otherwise. This is definitely the best value option and means you'll receive your delivery in most parts of Australia within a day or two.

If you prefer (and based in the inner north of Melbourne) you can arrange for me to personally deliver your bag.

This is a great excuse for me to get out on my Vespa (and most probably have a coffee somewhere on the way).


All orders are delivered by Australia Post Airmail.

This is the most cost effective and reliable method and always includes tracking for your peace of mind.

Gift giving

Can I get a gift voucher?


You can definitely organise a gift voucher if needed. Whilst I've a number of denominations of the site if there was a particular bag or amount you'd like to arrange just get in touch.

Do you offer gift wrapping?

I love wrapping presents so more than happy to make sure your order is impressive as it should be.

This generally isn't any extra and I'm happy to discuss what you'd like - though normally involves a neat box, coloured tissue paper and a ribbon.

I'd like to order a bag as a gift, can it be exchanged if not right?

It's never easy to know if you've chosen the perfect present so to reduce stress in such situation I'm more than happy to exchange a gift for a credit note, or another bag of the same value.

All I ask is you cover the cost of returning the bag by Australia Post.

Of course if the gift is really, really unappreciated (it happens to the best of us) I'm also happy to discuss a refund - as I want people to absolutely love my bags and love using them.

If you're not particulary sure which bag someone would like I can also organise a gift voucher (supplied with fabric swatches etc so is kind of fancy).

Just get in touch to organise.

(Not) so small print

How can I pay for my order?

There are several options when paying for your order.

Credit card online

This is the most commonly used option used by my customers and is processed directly through Shopify so extremely secure and safe.

Direct deposit

I've also set up the checkout to give direct deposit as an option.

When this is selected you'll receive the bank account details with the order confirmation email.

You can then transfer the payment from your account; once this clears into my account I'll mark your order as paid.

Credit card over the phone

Some customers prefer to place their order over the phone as it is a chance to clarify any small details you may have with customisations etc.

This is still very secure as I enter the details straight into Shopify without recording your card number.

This option can also be selected at checkout and you'll receive an email with the next steps.

Paypal, Klarna, Zip and Afterpay

At the moment I don't offer these payment options on my website due to the excessive merchant fees ( up to 5% of the order value).

Can I return or exchange my order?

Over the twenty or so years of selling bags I can count the number of returns and/or exchanges on one hand.

So if you find that you really feel you've made a dreadful mistake when you receive your order please get in touch and we can make things better - be that with an exchange or a return.

Obviously I'm in the business of selling bags, however I also like to ensure customers are in love with their bag so if this isn't the case I'm happy to help anyway I can.