Work(ish) & travel bags

When you need a larger capacity bag to fit laptops, papers or just like having extra space and all available in a shoulderbag or a slightly fancier 2-in-1 configuration.

The 2-in-1 has extra pockets and features that mean you can wear it as a shoulderbag or backpack.

Work(ish) & travel bags

Significant Other

  • 2-in-1
  • 37cm x 42cm x 10cm
  • 16-inch laptop
  • 12-inch vinyl
  • from $325

It's the perfect bag for carrying absolutely everything you need without being cumbersome.

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Partner in Crime

  • 2-in-1
  • 32cm x 37cm x 8cm
  • 14-inch laptop
  • A4 magazines
  • fits a wine bottle
  • from $295

This bag is the sweetspot between capacity and size and is great as both an everyday bag though also fitting everything you need to commute.

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  • 2-in-1
  • 37cm x 27cm x 8cm
  • 13-inch laptop
  • A4 magazines
  • from $285

Snuggly fits a 13-inch laptop and A4 magazines, so best if carrying these occasionally (or like the smallest footprint possible).

Being wider than deep it's easy to find what you're looking for, especially if carrying lots of small items.

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