Refresh & repair

Whilst your bag is designed and sewn to be as hardwearing as possible like any fabric based product after daily use and lots of adventure it may need a refresh.

This process is more time than materials, with the majority of the cost reflecting the time it takes me to carefully unpick, update and re-sew your bag.

NB • As I'll be overseas until early October I won't be accepting any refresh or repair orders until I return - please get in touch if you've any questions in the meantime.

Step 1 - Book

Select your required services (those shown cover 90% of repairs).

If your bag needs something not covered here please use the form at the bottom of the page and we can work out the details.

Step 2 - Send

After checkout you'll receive details of the mattt studio address to return your bag.

If you're local you can also arrange to drop your bag off if you'd prefer.

Step 3 - Reunited

Within three weeks (at the latest) your bag will be returned.

Refreshed and ready for many more years of daily love!

Replace zipper slider

When a zipper starts misbehaving and not closing properly it more often than not means the zipper slider is worn out rather than the zipper teeth.

And yes I don't charge for this, you just need to get your bag to me (or book a visit to the studio and I'll do it on the spot).

FREE • Reopening September 2024

Replace entire top zipper

In about 5% of zipper related situations it is the zipper teeth itself that need to be replaced.

This happens if there are teeth missing (so the slider becomes dislodged) or if the teeth actually come away from the zipper fabric.

This is obviously a bit fiddly (though easy enough if you've done it a more than a couple of times - haha).

$35 • Reopening September 2024

Reinforce fabric edge

If your bag has wear just along the bottom edge of the printed fabric area this is a great option.

I'll unstitch the entire front of the bag and add the extra black canvas to hide the existing wear and ensure it doesn't wear any further.

If unsure send a message with a photo and I can advise the best approach.

$55 • Reopening September 2024

Update fabric panel

You can pick any of the printed fabrics on the website (though the quilted and woven options don't play nice with being retrofitted into existing bags).

I will generally replace the main zipper as well while I have the bag apart.

$75 • Reopening September 2024

Update fabric panel + pouch

An extra service I offer is to use your bags original fabric to make an upcycled pouch when the fabric is updated.

This price includes both the update and pouch so you don't need to order both.

As I generally use the centre of the panel (with little to no wear) this pouch is usually A5 in size.

$115 • Reopening September 2024