new product 100% VEGAN

  • it can be aPASSPORT TTTHING
  • and/or aPHONE TTTHING
  • plus aPEN TTTHING
  • or really anySMALL TTTHING



Perfect to snugly organise your most precious items such as your phone and passport in two separate zipped sections.

It has been sized to fit all but the largest pens and pencils and also works equally well as a nifty wallet (with notes on one side and your cards on the other).

You can also add a short strap to attach keys or use as a clutch with a wrist strap. 

concise postcard sized organiser
18cm x 12cm x 2cm (C6 envelope)
80 - 100 grams
both 16cm x 10cm
iPhone 8, X, XR & XS (up to 15cm tall)
low-price - high-price


This is a nifty pouch/organiser that is the same dimensions as a C6 envelope, so fits anything up to the size of a postcard or A4 page folded in quarters.

Like the rest of my products it has the printed feature fabric on the front and super durable black Cordura (backpack fabric) on the back.

It also has these features (as explained below):

💡 Two compartments (both 15cm wide x 10cm deep)

💡 Serial Number if ever lost

💡 Can be worn as a clutch  


A place for all the things

Having two separate compartments means you can securely store lots of smaller items along with your passport and/or phone.

This means it will fit most smartphones apart from oversized ones like the iPhone Plus or iPhone XS Max.

When used as a clutch it is also possible to clip on a wrist strap or attach your keys to the zipper pulls so they won't be misplaced.


Make it easy for people to be kind

Each and every product now has a subtle handprinted lining inside the internal pockets (so not visible unless you open the pocket).

This gives details of where the Pocket TTTHING was made (so great when giving to friends and family overseas) and details about the Lifetime+ Guarantee.

It also has a handwritten Serial Number which links to the new online archive.

By entering the details you can view photos of it being made, how long it's been in use and even calculates the cost per day (which gets lower the longer it is used).

But perhaps most importantly this also makes it possible to have your product returned should anyone ever find it!


Durability, sustainability, ethics and supporting other local businesses are all very much part of the way I choose to run my business.

This certainly isn't the cheapest way to make a bag, though doing things the right way does mean you'll have a bag that you'll love for many years to come.

Below you'll see the cost of every element that directly contributes to making my bags, hopefully by being completely transparent and sharing this information we can as a society start having a conversation about the true cost of the objects we create and use.

This is the first version of this, so happy to hear any suggestions and/or answer any questions you might have; thanks for your interest!


I'm very proud of the quality of the bags I create so now offer the Lifetime+ Guarantee on both new and existing products.

Rather than just covering loose stitching and/or manufacturing faults this new guarantee now also covers upcycling your bag into a new product/s when it does eventually wear out!

This is only possible because I use the best materials to originally make my bags and while I've also designed them to be readily repaired (such as zippers and printed fabric) at a certain point often a bag is no longer serviceable.

At this point rather than consigning a bag to landfill (or the back of a cupboard) I now encourage the materials in the bag that are still useful to be reworked (or upcycled) into a new product/s such as a pouch or smaller bag.

Along with greatly increasing the useful lifespan of the materials used it also allows the emotional connection with the original bag to be retained, for example if it was a birthday gift or if originally purchased for a particularly memorable trip. 

If you've an existing bag you no longer use please get in touch and we can discuss what might be possible :)



While I've always been more than happy to repair and renovate my bags I've recently put extra effort into refining the design and way I sew them to make this as easy as possible; I call this the MAKE2MEND ETHOS

For example I only use standard YKK zippers in my bags so they can be readily repaired or replaced if needed, either by myself or pretty much any competent sewer.

I'll be posting more about this on the blog soon ....



Most bags are made-to-order so need to be sewn before being delivered.

STANDARD POST is FREE and generally takes about ten days to be sewn and ready to deliver or collect.

Selecting EXPRESS POST ensures your bag arrives as quickly as it can (I will also do my best to expedite sewing your bag).

If you need your bag to arrive by a particular date just let me know and we can work out the best way to make this happen!


A small number of bags are marked as ALREADY SEWN and will be posted the sameday (if a weekday) so usually arrive within a day or two.


Orders are delivered in a locally made recycled cardboard box, with recycled tissue paper and paper packing tape.

This is the best balance I've found between protecting your bag and reducing impact on the environment.

The only plastic used is the Express Post tape from Australia Post (though looking for alternatives).