I approach every part of what I do in an environmentally mindful way and always looking for ways I can improve both my products and everyday business operations.

Designing and producing all of my products myself means I've a lot of flexibility to implement improvements quickly and also means I intimately understand every process and part of my business.

By intentionally keeping what I do on a small scale this also means I use a minimum of energy space and resources.

I think the these four areas are particularly important (and what I tend to focus on);


Leading by Example

  • As a small business one of the best ways I can have an impact is to show others what is possible.
  • By informing customers and other businesses I hopefully encourage the ecological impact of buying products to be a consideration.
  • I've recently become involved in Greenmoney, a sustainability program run by the City of Melbourne to connect residents with businesses and encourage behaviour change.
    More details are available on the Greenmoney website, but basically residents set up an account and collect credits for recycling etc. These credits are then redeemed for Gift Vouchers with local businesses (such as myself).


Product Design

  • Using the most appropriate materials to produce high-quality, long-lasting products.
  • Sourcing materials from suppliers that manufacture locally, reducing the environmental impact of transport.
  • Designing products that can be easily repaired, further increasing their longevity.
  • Constantly investigating and integrating environmentally sensitive materials.


Daily Business Operation 

  • Minimising electricity and resource use with regard to lighting, heating and transport.
  • Minimising paper use and only using products that are 100% recycled (and unbleached and post-consumer wherever possible).



  • All packaging is recycled, biodegradable and recyclable.
  • Your order won’t be wrapped in unnecessary tissue paper or packed with foam pellets.
  • Where possible, we post orders in repurposed boxes and encourage our customers to recycle them on delivery.

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