Like many things in life, there can come a time in a bags life when it might be time for Retiremattt.

While each and every bag does have a Lifetime+ Guarantee and I'm very happy to repair and update bags as required, occasionally due to many many years of daily use your bag can be literally worn out.

This new project, Retiremattt, is an opportunity to return your well loved mattt bag and receive 20% of the price of your replacement bag.

When returned your bag will be recycled and all materials will be washed and repurposed for a new product I'll be launching in the next couple of months.



The Retiremattt process has been kept as simple as possible.

Basically it involves dropping off (or posting) your beloved bag to the mattt BAG LIBRARY & SHOP where I will repurpose and reuse the materials into a new product.

As long as it is a bag I've made (so unfortunately other bags can't be used) I'll create a Retiremattt Code that can be used to save 20% off your new bag (ordered online or in store).

While I normally create this code after the bag is received, if you've a tight timeline please get in touch and we'll see what can be arranged.

Of course there is no hurry to use the code, so if you'd like to spend a while deciding which bag you'd like that's no problem at all.

The only proviso (I told you I was keeping things easy) is that the code can't be used in conjunction with any other discounts etc.