Sustainability is more than a buzz word for designer and maker Matt Thomson. It’s woven into every fibre of his business.

‘I’ve always been interested in making bags that last, and that’s the first rule of sustainability. If it lasts a lot longer, you don...

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Matt Thomson started his career as a bag designer and manufacturer out of necessity. While studying engineering and industrial design at Swinburne University, he would travel to and from class on a vintage Vespa motorscooter that didn’t have much functional storage spac...

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In a take on necessity being the mother of invention, Matthew Thomson began making bags to solve some of the problems he was encountering.

As a member of a scooter club, he wanted a bag that would fit nicely on his bike.

“There was nowhere to carry anything...

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Bag designer and maker Matthew Thomson was quite taken with the open brief, despite having only heard bits and pieces of Wagner’s music before he took on the project. “It really fits in with my style of work. I like the idea of needing to come up with something that is a...

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