May 26, 2019 • Matt Thomson

Photo by Alexander Sproule-Lagos

Here you can see the bag worn as a shoulderbag.

Due to the new custom hardware it is possible to also wear the Woven matttPACK with slightly narrower straps if required and/or with different colour straps.

The new design also makes it possible to completely remove both the shoulder and backpack straps (unlike other versions of the matttPACK where the backpack straps are sewn in).

This means it is possible to just wear the bag as a shoulderbag without having to carry the backpack straps in the rear pocket.

As the straps attach in a slightly different manner, shoulder straps from existing bags of mine won't work as the straps attach to slightly narrower anchor points on the matttPACK.

However if you do happen to have older straps you'd like to use I'm happy to update the hardware so they will work at no additional charge.

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