June 26, 2019 • Matt Thomson

Photo by Alexander Sproule-Lagos

All the bags (apart from the Smallish Shoulderbag) now have a concealed pocket on the rear the base.

Along with being a great place to store umbrellas and/or shopping bags the pocket also a loop on each side to attach the backpack straps (and store when not in use if you'd like).

In the bottom right hand corner you can also see the brand custom hardware (buckles and adjusters) exclusive to the Woven Cordura matttPACK.

Made from reclaimed aluminium by Like Butter (a local design and fabrication business) these buckles are lighter and stronger than the plastic buckles used in the past and allow all the straps to be interchanged.

If you'd like these added to another matttPACK please get in touch and I'll see what I can do!

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