Published this month • 13/12/18

Along with the recent redesign I've also substantially updated the A4 Shoulderbag. 

Compared to the other styles this bag is a little simpler (and hence lighter) as the open document pocket on the front meant also adding one to the back didn't make sense.  

This also meant the A4 Shoulderbag doesn't have the concealed Myki/card pocket.

If you'd like these extra features along with a zipper pocket on the front and pouch pocket on the back (plus the ability to wear as a backpack) the new A4 matttPACK is the same dimensions.

I've also included these features in the A4 Shoulderbag

💡 Enamel metal pin logo 

💡 Concealed pocket in base 

💡 Redesigned internal pockets

💡 Cord zipper pulls

Written by Matt Thomson

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