A4 matttPACK V2.0

December 13, 2018 • Matt Thomson

Along with the recent redesign I've also added this new style, a slightly smaller version of the matttPACK (basically 4cm shorter and narrower).

I've made this as a custom order for the past year or two and it is basically a combination of the Zipper Backpack and the A4 Shoulderbag (same size just more pockets).

It is popular with customers with a slighter build that can feel overwhelmed by the original matttPACK (especially when worn as a shoulderbag).

Like the other bags I've also included these features in the A4 matttPACK

💡 Enamel metal pin logo 

💡 Secret MYKI pocket

💡 Concealed pocket in base 

💡 Pouch pocket on rear

💡 Redesigned internal pockets

💡 Cord zipper pulls

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