November 06, 2019 • Matt Thomson

USE larger document sized organiser SIZE 29cm x 22cm x 2cm (just under A4 size) WEIGHT 130 - 150 grams SECTIONS 26cm x 20cm & 26cm x 8cm DEVICES iPad or iPad Air (up to 10.2 inch) PRICE low-price - high-price

The largest TTTHING this has been designed to perfectly fit a larger Moleskine sketchbook and or a 10.2 inch iPad.

Like it's smaller siblings it also has two zippers, with the top pocket being full size and the second, bottom pocket being 8cm deep.

This shallower bottom pocket is perfect for pens (or Apple Pencil), charging cables etc.

You can also add a short strap to attach keys or use as a clutch with a wrist strap. 

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