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January 20, 2020 • Matt Thomson

Book a time to talk about your new online store

While starting an online store from scratch can be a little overwhelming I always find meeting and discussing what you'd to do (and/or the problems you'd like to solve) is never a bad idea.

This chat is usually pretty unstructured, so there's no pressure to have an exact idea of what you're after.

As this session is completely free (I'm just happy to share my knowledge) it's a good way to get some impartial advice about the right approach for your situation.

Of course I'll explain how (or if) I might be able to help, though the focus is really more on demystifying the whole process. This information will be useful if you decide to build an online store yourself, or work with someone else to set things up.

Apart from the online store itself this is also a chance to see how your website address/url, hosting and business email setup are all part of a professional online presence. 

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