Retiring bags and fabrics

February 29, 2020 • Matt Thomson

12 fabrics and 3 bag sizes

To make room for new ideas, new collaborations (and a bit of old fashioned reinvention) along with a new website I'll be retiring these bags along with a number of popular and favourite fabrics.

These include the A4, Zipper Shoulderbag and Smallish Shoulderbag, along with twelve fabrics including the three Cuisenaire block designs, both Melbourne maps, the M90 Swedish camouflage and the Maximillian Malone collage collaboration.

This coming month will therefore be the very last chance to order these designs before they are replaced with new designs (which you will hopefully love just as much).

If you'd like a bag in any of these designs, you'll need to place your order before the 31st March 2020.

NB • As a bonus (kind of like a golden handshake) you will receive 50% off TTTHINGs ordered with a bag.

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