A4 Shoulderbag in Kangaroo Paw

May 26, 2018 • Matt Thomson

A great advantage of sharing my studio space with Ink & Spindle (apart from their terrific company) is getting to see all the latest designs and colourways.

When I first saw the Kangaroo Paw and Bracken designs in warm grey I knew they would both look amazing on my bags. As it was impossible to choose a favourite I've added both to my website and they are available in all sizes.

I've also sewn a Zipper and A4 Shoulderbag which can be found on the "Already Sewn" page and ready to post (or collect from the SHOP STUDIO) straight away.

As a limited offer with either of these bags I'll include an extra strap (in a different colour) and a matching matttZIP for these already sewn bags.

If you've a favourite of the two (or suggestions for other fabrics you'd like to see) be sure to leave a comment below 

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