August 20, 2020 • Matt Thomson

In these extremely challenging times it can be almost impossible to know the most appropriate response with all the conflicting information about.

Personally, as a tiny, mostly online business I've decided to do my bit by being extra cautious and restrict all unnecessary interactions.

Basically I'm doing everything I can to take physical distancing seriously (for family, friends, customers and the community); until it's obvious it's no longer necessary :) 

So for the foreseeable I'll be:

  • Closing the SHOP & STUDIO to visitors
  • Begin using Zoom, Skype (or phone) for consultations (book here)
  • Have orders collected weekly by Australia Post (to minimise contact at post office)

To keep the studio lights on (plus minimise the flow on impact to suppliers and other local small businesses I work with), I've created a couple of offers

Hopefully this makes it as easy as possible to continue supporting what I do and avoid watching too much terrible television.

As a mostly online-one-person-show I'm quietly stoic (though honestly also slightly nervous) about the next little while and the impact of COVID-19.

To do what I can to minimise any direct impact (especially to fellow businesses and suppliers) I've decided to offer the following for the next couple of weeks:


Offer One → Bonus TTTHING

This is the first (and probably only) time this offer will be available.

Simply order a bag and you'll automatically receive a matching TTTHING.


View bags here → 


Offer Two → $50 credit for a chat

I'm currently completely rebuilding the website.

This means in-depth and honest feedback is particularly helpful right now to get an idea of how I can best improve what I do :)

Simply spend 10 minutes (or so) having a chat with me via video/phone about the website (or bags) and receive a $50 credit to use towards your next order.


Book a chat with Matt → 

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