Travel Shoulderbag in Quilted Grey Denim

May 07, 2018 • Matt Thomson

Having taken a break from making bags for the past year or so I've decided to get back into it all as a side project (at least to begin with).

To make this work as a side project (where I've less time to spend making bags) I'll be limiting orders to twenty bags a fortnight, giving me a chance to stay on top of things and ensuring you receive your orders within a week or two.

This in itself will be a bit of an experiment in the way it will actually work, however I'm imagining the website will be accessible, though the ability to purchase disabled once the quota is reached. 

While I'll be designing and making very similar bags it will be much more focused and refined with a smaller range of fabric designs available for shorter periods of time along with ongoing redesign of my bags to make them even more functional.

In addition to this I'll also be streamlining the way I manage the business by trying to also simplify and refining customer support and admin so that it works better for everyone :) 

While this is happening I'd love any and all feedback about what you feel is working (and what could be working better).

PS • The bag shown above is a new design (quilted grey denim) and can be found here.

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