FAQ → What is the GIFTTT process?

July 06, 2018 • Matt Thomson

I've tried to keep the process super simple (and would also love to hear any ways I could make it better).

1. Basically all you've got to do is order the GIFTTT to the amount you'd like (let me know if you'd like a specific value not shown) and once received I'll be in touch to organise the content to personalise the GIFTTT page.

2. Once this is done I'll share personalised URL/link so you can share this with the recipient (GIFTTTee)

3. The GIFTTTee can then visit their page, see the gift message(s) and suggested bags you've and make their selection.

4. Once the order is received we'll communicate directly with the GIFTTTee to arrange delivery etc (and let you know what is happening as well).

5. If you'd like to print a gift card this can also be organised.

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