FAQ → What fits in each TTTHING?

November 05, 2019 • Matt Thomson

You can see what fits in each of the four TTTHINGs by referring to the table below.


Pocket TTTHING 18cm x 12cm 16cm x 10cm 16cm x 10cm
Pencil TTTHING 23cm x 10cm 20cm x 10cm 20cm x 10cm
A5 TTTHING 23cm x 16cm 20cm x 14cm 20cm x 8cm
Sketch TTTHING 29cm x 22cm 26cm x 20cm 26cm x 8cm


As you can see I've included the outer dimensions along with the internal size of the main section/pocket and the exrtra section/pocket (with the printed lining) which is usually shallower.

If you'd like to check if something specific will fit you're welcome to get in touch to confirm.

It is also possible to order custom sized TTTHINGs if one of the sizes is slightly too small etc.

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