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November 11, 2019 • Matt Thomson

A QUICK ARTWORK CHECKLIST ☑ photo you've taken (or permission to use)

☑ artwork at least 1000 pixels wide (I can check)

To make things as easy as possible I've made the photo/artwork file setup as easy and straightforward as possible.

Basically pretty much any photo you've taken or received on a smartphone will be more than big enough to have digitally printed.

For example the Forum fabric on the website was taken with my iPhone 6S (very far from the latest or best camera).

I've created a simple checklist to make it easy to choose the best file for your Custom Photo TTTHING; apart from the photo not being copied from someone else (I'm very supportive of protecting fellow artists and photographers rights to their work) I find not having a photo with too much white is a good idea (as this tends to show dirt etc).

If you are looking for more technical details to set up your files perfectly you can use the following:

→ 300dpi at 100% (though 150dpi will work perfectly)

→ RGB (or greyscale) 

The exact sizes panel sizes for each TTTHING are:

→ Sketch TTTHING → 3780 x 2835 pixels 

→ A5 TTTHING → 3071 x 2126 pixels

→ Pencil TTTHING → 3071 x 1299 pixels

→ Passport TTTHING → 2480 x 1535 pixels

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