FAQ → How can I personalise my GIFTTT page?

July 06, 2018 • Matt Thomson

As GIFTTT is very new I'm still experimenting with the best ways to personalise the GIFTTT page, so if you've a great idea or something you think will work well I'd be happy to help make it happen!

At the moment it's set up so we can upload photo(s) (or video) along with a gift message (like you'd write on the inside of a card).

If you'd like to add a photo and message from every member of the team at work etc that can totally be done (and we can even add extra content later if you have last minute additions to those contributing to the gift).

Along with this you can also add as many suggested bags to the GIFTTT page as you'd like, this makes the process even simpler (especially if they hate making decisions), especially with the ANY BAG option, though of course they can choose any bag on the website they like.

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