FAQ → Do Custom Photo TTTHINGs cost extra?

November 05, 2019 • Matt Thomson

All custom artwork TTTHINGs cost $20 more than the same size standard TTTHING.

This means the Sketch TTTHING is $105 ($85 + $20), the A5 TTTHING is $90 ($70 + $20), and the Pencil and Pocket TTTHINGs are $75 each ($55 + $20).

This covers the extra time setting up and processing the artwork etc.

If you'd like to order several custom TTTHINGs with the same artwork (say as gifts for your friends, family or staff) a 20% discount is automatically applied to all of the Custom Photo TTTHINGs at checkout.

This offsets this setup fee (with a bit extra off) and can also be a combination of different size Custom Photo TTTHINGs.

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