FAQ → Process for organising Custom Photo TTTHINGs

Order your TTTHING(s)↓Submit photo/artwork and handwritten message by email↓Mockup created, chance to request changes↓Custom fabric printed and your TTTHING(s) sewn ↓Delivered to you by mid-December↓Give your one-of-a-kind gift(s)!

Published this week • 02/11/18

As offering completely personalised products is a bit of an experiment I've done my best to keep the whole process as simple (and less technical) as possible!

To reserve one of the first custom TTTHINGs all you need to do is place your order online (basically like buying a gift voucher).

Once your order is received I'll be in touch to organise the artwork you'd like to use and the handwritten message to be printed in the lining. 

You can also have the image converted to b&w and/or have various effects applied (my favourite is the halftone filter like an old-school newspaper image shown above).

Written by Matt Thomson

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